Olfiction – A New Venture

Since leaving permanent employment in February, I’ve been steadily freelancing and working on a variety of interesting projects with clients old and new.

In July, I co-founded Olfiction with Pia Long, industry veteran and independent perfumer, to offer our combined services to clients throughout the fragrance industry – be that brands, retailers, distributors, suppliers or manufacturers.


Our combined passion and knowledge is a boon to our clients – who get much better value for money by engaging us as a pair, because our best ideas happen when we’re bouncing them off each other. You can also catch us on Love to Smell, our YouTube channel full of scented shenanigans.

Love to Smell – YouTube Channel launch!

So, I’ve been working behind the scenes on a YouTube project with Pia of Volatile Fiction, where we sniff all sorts of smelly things and talk about them in our usual, enthusiastic style, getting carried away with ourselves. It’s the start of many of our combined adventures.

We’ve filmed a whole bunch of episodes already, and are filming more in the upcoming weeks. There’s a website with shownotes to keep you informed about the products we’ve sniffed and where they come from. We’ll be uploading them weekly from June 3rd onwards.

Please give us a watch!

Alexander McQueen Tease New Perfume Through Social Media

Alexander McQueen teased the launch of the brand’s new perfume through a series of posts across social media yesterday. A banner image, as well as gorgeous visual campaign, herald the forthcoming McQueen Parfum, described as The Signature Scent for Women alongside the hashtag #BLOOMATNIGHT.


The name of the fragrance appears to be simply: McQueen Parfum. Details are scant, yet a 15-second video, as well as some stunning visuals, suggest that the perfume will be a white floral bouquet, with jasmine sambac, tuberose and ylang-ylang featuring amongst the notes.

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Lenor Japan – Septimus Piesse’s Perfumery Organ

Those of you that haven’t read Septimus Piesse’s seminal 150 year old text, The Art of Perfumery, should pick up a copy and absorb it. Piesse was a British perfumer far ahead of his time. He wrote that “scents, like sounds, appear to influence the olfactory nerve in certain definite degrees.” – an idea that I explored back in the first issue of ODOU.

Lenor in Japan took his concept of scents on a scale, and the concept of a perfumery organ, one step further – creating a literal Perfumery Organ, an instrument that plays both sound and smells.

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