Fume Chat – The Perfume Podcast

6 months ago, my scented partner in crime Thomas, aka the Candy Perfume Boy, had an idea that we should start a perfume podcast. So we did just that.

perfume podcast fume chat

The first 2 episodes of Fume Chat have already ‘aired’. The first was an introduction to the concept and round up of new fragrances, followed by a ‘battle’ episode where we go head to head to decide who has the best taste in the subject matter – be that a fragrance house, note, or style of perfumery. New episodes are available every 2 weeks on a Sunday morning.

Please do subscribe on iTunes or listen on Soundcloud.

We’re still updating Fragrant Reviews on Twitter with new launches and my YouTube channel with Pia, Love to Smell, is going strong (we’ve had quite a year with that… from dressing as bananas to becoming a pair of puppets)

Olfiction – A New Venture

Since leaving permanent employment in February, I’ve been steadily freelancing and working on a variety of interesting projects with clients old and new.

In July, I co-founded Olfiction with Pia Long, industry veteran and independent perfumer, to offer our combined services to clients throughout the fragrance industry – be that brands, retailers, distributors, suppliers or manufacturers.


Our combined passion and knowledge is a boon to our clients – who get much better value for money by engaging us as a pair, because our best ideas happen when we’re bouncing them off each other. You can also catch us on Love to Smell, our YouTube channel full of scented shenanigans.